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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am a District Leader now and we are in the same area, Elder Heninger is still my comp and the best part is now we have a car for the first time in 10 months! Raccoons watch out! :] We have now added 36 new investigators and hope to put 22 people on date to be baptised this week and probably next week to.

Of the Work. I tallied up the numbers yesterday, this transfer (over the last 5 weeks) we have added 28 new investigators, done 32 lessons with members present, not to count the other lessons. And we have 7 people with baptism dates!

I don't know why or how the success is happening i just know that a great spirit is overshadowing the work we do, when we do it the Lords way. I am so excited to see the miracles keep on coming. Do what the Lord says and he is bound to bless. And remember repentance is a daily thing we should do, we should repent perfectly.

Repentance is one of the greatest blessings of our heavenly father.

Chuck Norris

Things are great here we are finding lots of people here and the biking is going well. I am really excited to see what happens with some of out investigators here soon. My comp is Elder Heninger and we get along great! All is well. Also we have a pet it is a praying mantis. His name was chuck norris but it is now Lokie the Notic God of the Underworld. :] He ate an entire grass hopper.


Well I am in the Granger North Stake with a greeny, Elder Heninger! He is from Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada. It is his second transfer and I am way excited about the transfer this stake has a history of being the highest baptising in the mission! The only thing that stinks is that I am still on a bike and I am in a much bigger area. We will be loosing some weight fast this transfer, it is a 20 to 30 min bike ride from one end to the other of the area. I am still in the west side of the valley . I hope to baptise alot and I found out that one of my recent converts lives in the area! Rannie Sin! Her friend is on a mission in Alaska and met my mom and dad after she was baptised.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

365 Days later... : )

How many baptisms? 15
Weirdest thing eaten to date? Nothing that wierd just green food when I was a greeny.
Funniest experiance? Almost stabed a guy who broke in to my appartment but it was a joke : )
Scariest experiance? Nothing to bad
Aprox miles riden on bike? 400 miles
Aprox doors knocked? 550
Favorite companion? Blackburn
Favorite ward members? Bro Bullock, Bro Sis Stout, Bro and Sis Shammy, Prez Gillett, Mitchel and the Grandmas
Favorite scripture? Alma 5 14:16
Most spiritual experiance? Finding out how powerfull the atomement is.
Cool Story? We just had this huge fireside where we had The Moleni Brothers and Onevoice sing! It was way cool! We had 450 people attend, and got 66 referals and because it went so well we get to watch a movie this friday "forever strong".

Thursday, June 25, 2009


We are teaching 13 peopole and alot of less active people.


My new comp is Elder Blackburn he is from Oregon and is Haakans cousin so that is realy cool. Haakans mom is his aunt. I'm in the West valley stake, in an area that borders on my old area. so that is cool! We're teaching a guy his name is John and He is a guy from LA. He is 39 and got out of prison 8 months ago. His testimony of Joseph Smith is amaizing! He knows it is all true and we are getting special permision to get him baptised on the 8 of Aug. He is truly converted he is what you call a dry mormon because he has not been baptised yet.


Elder Norton, His Dad, mom, niece Kate, nephew Ty, brother in law Jared and sister Jacque

So Matts mission president allows family to see each other if they are in town for conference. We came down a few days after conference for Vanessa's Graduation and Matt received special permission for us to come give him a quick hug! It was so fun to be able to visit him! I hope it wasn't to hard on him to see family for a quick second and then leave all over again!

Elder Mattews and I

Elders I came out with from the MTC

Hawkin's cousin Elder Blackburn

Golfing with the former Mission Pres

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am proud to be an American. Because an American can eat anything on the face of this earth as long as he has two pieces of bread. --Bill Cosby

Well I have been doing pretty good, except I had food piosening last night but I'm good today.

So here is a cool story. We were talking to some guys at Winder Dairy and they were going to hook us up with free bread, so we said cool drop it off. That night Elder Jackson and I got home about 9:20 and it is pitch black in the house. Jackson said turn on the light to see if they brought the bread by. I hit the lights and there is this big dude with a beard on our couch. He says "Where is the money!" Jackson said "whoa you scared me bro!" I said who are you?" He said "Thats for me to know and you to find out," I said "What does that mean?" Then Jackson turns to me and says "Norton where is the bread?" then I ask again "who the heck are you?" and at this point I had my knife out and my bag on the ground ready to fight this guy. Low and behold all the dudes from Winder Dairy jump out!! That was the best practical joke ever! Even though I almost stabed a guy. : )

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Visual Aids... : )

Robert Lucken


Greg Fabian

Celina Naita

Brady Belka

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Life is Change, Growth is Optional"

Elder Fotofili was transferred and I stayed and am with Elder Ngawaka (na-waka). He is from New Zealand and has a sweet accent. The teaching is going really well because we are trying to be really obedient.

One to remember........

February 4th 2009------

Today I was able to go to the Salt Lake City Temple for the first time on my mission!!

Norton's Newest Neice!

Brooklyn Paige Norton was born to Elder Norton's older brother Shayne and his wife Crystal on February 10th 2008!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finding "Contacts"

So here is an ok story.

When I was in Green River Wyoming, with Elder Moala we saw a game of football going on and thought what a great way to contact people. : ) ...........we had great success in contacting because it was a great game of tackle football. We promptly took off our ties and coat and joined the game.

Like the Strippling Worriors we were not the biggest, but God was on our side, and we played like fierce pumas. Both of us scored 4 times and tackled people hard. I drug 4 people into the touchdown with me on one play. It is not often we can play with this much force so we seized the opportunity. When it came time for round 2 every one wanted the missionaries on their team for we were mighty warriors on the field of battle and our limbs were strong for we did not consume strong drink(beer) like our opponents had, thus we were blessed with much success and our hearts did rejoice for we were victorious. Thus ended the 1st year of the reign of the missionaries.


One of the footplayers was inactive and has been coming lately. Elder Moala is currently teaching this gentleman's cousin and family.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Last Monday I personally baptised 2 kids Kenny and Clay Cudney!


I have been transferred to west valley in SLC, I'm in the Jordan north stake. My companion is Elder Fotofeli he is from Tonga. Our new apartment is much larger and nicer than the last one and it's a lot cleaner. I'm looking forward to see what the valley has to offer.

Baptism Update:

So far we have had 4 with 5 on date to be baptised in Dec. The Lord is blessing us in our work.

Turkey Day in Wyoming:

For thanksgiving we went to Evenston and played 6 hours of sports; football, basketball and volleyball. I am so out of shape... its diet time! We had dinner that night at a member's home.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1. What has been the weirdest experiance so far?
So far I never thought this would happen but... I got asked on a date on the mish while I was at the docs office. Of course in a nice manner my comp and I regretfully LOL told the girls that we aren't permitted to do such a thing on the mish.

2. How many miles would you say you have walked so far?
I have walked about 50 miles by the end of this transfer

3. Favorite scripture
2 nephi 25:26.

4. Tell me about one of your favorite investigators.
Rocky Johnson he was disfellowshiped and has come back to the church and will get the Melchizedek priesthood soon. I love this guy because he is so humble and submissive to change.

We've been "blackboxed"

Now our car has a black box monitor so we can't go over 75 with out getting in trouble. : ) Our last car was the last one with out the box so..yeah .. I'm slower.... ; )

Monday, November 24, 2008

And then there was a Racoon...

I have a story for you.. so yesterday on our way down to transfers Elder Moors and I were cruising along, it is a big trip down there, its like 150 miles from Green river to SLC. So with about 45 miles left at about 100 miles an hour we hit a raccoon. This thing was huge! It was like a small black bear! So we looked at the car and saw no immediate damage and continued on. As soon as we got to the SLC exit we noticed our temp was way hot. We stopped and looked at stuff and didn't really know what was up. We had no oil on the dipstick and no coolant so we filled the oil and couldn't get coolant. We limped along stopping periodically to cool down, but then one time the car power just stopped. The car computer shut the car down. We were dead. So Moors called one of his cousins and he towed us about 10 miles with his jetta. But it is okay because we were trading our car for a new one this transfer and this gives the mission one more reason to get trucks in Wyoming. (Or to make the missionaries ride bikes! --Elder Norton's Big Sister Jacque)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


What is the Temperature Like in your area?
So it is about 5 0r 6 degrees here at night with the wind. In day it is around 30- 45 so not to bad.

How Many Doors Have you knocked so far?
I would say around 100 doors

How many Lessons Taught?
About 50 lessons

How Many Investigators?
We have around 11 investigators and 5 potential investigators.


So I taught a girl last night who has the same name as you (Jacque). The lesson was so amazing she already wants to be baptised even before we came there, we just have to teach her. It was awesome you could feel the spirit so strong and she was crying. I was like heck yah!! Haha but really it was sweet. The only bad thing is that she is in another companionship area, we were on splits last night so they get the reward.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Leader of the Pack!

Mission President Info:

My prez is President William Blake Sonne (so-nee). He is really cool and understanding, he knows how boys are and can meet them on there level and help people change. I also had the opportunity to teach a lesson with him and I felt the spirit of prophesy and revelation so strong there when he taught.

Mode of Transportation

Foot, Bike or Car?

Right now I have a 2007 Chevy malibu and we may be getting chevy colorados later. There are parts of the mish that are walking and bike so that could happen too.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Habitation Situation

So this is a description of my pad.

Well my apartment is a one story, two bedroom, one bathroom. One bedroom is a study that has two desks. Our living room has two couches which date back to 1960 and our kitchen has an oven that is equally old. We have dingy red/brown/off white carpet that could be used for scientific research on odd growths. So basically our place is sweet. We have a George Foreman, and I bought a $16 charcoal grill, which i cook elk steak on every now and again. We have a good shower that never runs out of hotness. We have very comfortable beds and I have a really soft, warm blanky. We use separate closets and dressers. So that is my place. : )

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Funniest moment so far:

I think that my funniest moment was when my comp and I snuck in to some other missionaries apartment when they were napping, we had masks on and we pinned them and duct taped them! We scared the crap out of them! Think about being woken up by to dudes in masks that are over 6 foot and over 200 lbs. ;)

Scariest Moment so far:

The scariest moment would be when I was on splits for 24 hours. I was with a zone leader and he got a call at 10 pm from an Elder who had a bad feeling come over him when he was outside turning off the lights on the car. The bad feeling was "don't let them in," who "they" are I don't know probably bad spirits. When he got inside he checked on his companion and he found him clenched tight in his bed, he could not respond and it wasn't until his comp gave him a blessing that he woke up. It scares me to known that the devil works so hard to get us.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Day in the Life... : )

Current Companion:
Elder Fritzler.We get along really well. We both like sports, working out and hunting.

My Day Consists of:
Well day to day we try to do a lot of contacting and investigator lessons. We also coordinate with ward leaders to plan exchanges and dinners with them. Then we check on less active and recent converts. That's generally what we do day to day.

Latest Adventure:
We went up Wild Horse Canyon and actually saw wild horses so that was cool and you can see for ever up there. I have pictures that I will send soon.

Weirdest Food Eaten:
A meal that was completely green. They dyed it green because I am a greeny. I also have pics of that. :)

Most Missed Food:
I haven't really missed a food because I have kinda had just about all of it.

P-Day Activities:
Basket ball, exploring, e-mail, bowling, wrestling, hacky sack, food and other random stuff we decide to do.

A Neat Story:
I had to give a spiritual thought after dinner and I had never met the family before so I had no idea what to talk about. When the time came I was open to the influence of the spirit. The spirit told me to talk about ward missionary work and that this man was a ward missionary. I never met him before and it turns out that he was indeed a ward missionary and he needed a lil kick in the butt from us to get him to do his work.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008